Passing Specs per Ruby Implementation

This page shows the number of passing ruby/spec specs per Ruby implementation. This page is updated daily and automatically with GitHub Actions on this repository.

Specs excluded by a Ruby implementation (via tags) are not run, as those may cause a fatal error and abort the process, and also they are not run in that implementation's CI. Specs are run on a Ruby implementation with no extra options, i.e., with the default behavior a user would see. The only exception is using --dev on JRuby so it runs specs slightly faster. More details are available in this related blog post.

More Ruby implementations are welcome via PRs. See this workflow for how it works.

Group CRuby 3.2 TruffleRuby dev JRuby dev
RUBY_VERSION 3.2.2 3.2.2 3.1.4
156 specs
100% 86.5% 94.2%
2673 specs
100% 94.3% 98.4%
Core Library
22616 specs
100% 96.6% 95.6%
Standard Library
5894 specs
100% 97.3% 86.9%
35 specs
100% 100% 100%
TOTAL without C-API specs
31374 specs
100% 31374 passing
in 1min 4s
96.5% 30302 passing
in 2min 53s
94.2% 29552 passing
in 12min 30s
1472 specs
100% 98.1% 0.0%
32846 specs
100% 32846 passing
in 1min 29s
96.6% 31746 passing
in 3min 9s
90.0% 29552 passing
in 12min 30s